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Form: pro prcetore.
The name among the Romans of a past praetor who on the expiration of his office, proceeded to administer (generally for a year) the praetorian province assigned him by lot at the beginning of his office. Occasionally this title was also borne by those who, without having been praetors immediately before, were invested with praetorian powers; in particular, by the quaestors left behind by the governors in the provinces. Apart from the fact that the propraetor had only six lictors, he bad essentially the same position in the province as the proconsul (q.v.). Under the Empire this title was also given to the governors of the imperial provinces, as distinguished from the proconsuls, the governors of the senatorial provinces.

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PLAN OF PROPYLAEA.The donated portions were projected only. (Miss Harrison's Mythology, etc., of Athens, p.352, after Dorpfeld, Mittheilungen,, 1885).
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