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Outline of Hesiod's Theogony
1-35 Invocation of the Muses.
36-115 Muses announce their intention to sing truth through Hesiod and the order of races in their song.
Primordial Deities
116-125 Chaos (=the "chasm" in West's trans.), an empty space that fills the Universe. Creation of Gaia (Earth), Tartaros (Underworld) and Eros (Desire).
125-131 Chaos gives birth to Nyx (Night) and Erebos (Darkness); Gaia gives birth to Ourea (Mountains), Ouranos (Sky) and Pontos (Sea) by parthenogenesis.
132-139 With Ouranos (=sky), Gaia (=earth) conceives the twelve Titans: Okeanos, Koios, Kreios, Hyperion, Iapetos, Thea, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne (=memory), Phoebe, Tethys, and Kronos.
140-153 Again with Ouranos, Gaia bears the three Kyklopes and the three "Hundred-Handers."
154-206 Castration of Ouranos by Kronos; creation of Aphrodite (an Olympian).
207-232 Genealogy of Nyx: Various permutations of death, sleep, and sin/evil.
233-336 Genealogies of the minor sea deities Nereus, Thaumus, Phorkys, Keto, and Eurybia; includes a large numbers of monsters.
Genealogies of Titans
337-374 Okeanos and Tethys (both Titans) give birth to over 6000 rivers and springs.
375-403 Genealogies of Kreios and Eurybia and their offspring.
404-452 Genealogies of Phoibe and Koios (Titans) and their offspring.
453-458 Kronos and Rhea (Titans) give birth to the Hestia, Hera, Demeter, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus (all Olympian gods).
459-506 Kronos swallows all his children except Zeus. Zeus prepares to overthrow Kronos.
507-616 Genealogy of Iapetos. Hesiod uses this genealogy to interrupt Zeus' ascent to power and tell the stories of Prometheus and Pandora. This also completes the genealogies of the Titans.
Zeus' Ascent to Power
617-663 Zeus enlists the "Hundred-Handers" and sets up on Mount Olympus.
664-719 Zeus and the "Hundred-Handers" defeat the Titans; Zeus casts the Titans deep into Tartaros.
720-819 Extended description of the Titans' new home in Tartaros.
820-840 Gaia, angered at Zeus' treatment of the Titans, and Tartaros conceive Typhoeus.
841-868 With much difficulty, Zeus defeats Typhoeus and locks him in Tartaros.
869-880 Description of Typhoeus trapped in Tartaros.
Zeus'/Olympian Genealogy
881-885 Zeus divides the Universe between himself (sky), Poseidon (sea), and Hades (underworld).
886-911 Zeus sleeps with Metis, Thetis, and others from the Titan era. The Fates and Muses are his most notable offspring from these wives.
912-929 Zeus conceives the Olympians Apollo, Artemis, Ares, and Athena; a jealous Hera conceives Hephaistos.
930-962 Zeus produces the Olympians Hermes and Dionysus, as well as the hero Heracles.
Mortals and Immortals
963-968 Hesiod reinvokes the Muses and shifts gears to tell about goddesses sleeping with mortal men.
969-1018 Immortal offspring of goddesses and mortal men. Note the prevalence of Homeric heroes (e.g. Aeneas, Achilles, and Odysseus) and tragic figures (e.g. Polydoros, Aeson, and Medea).
1019-1022 Conclusion and segue to Catalogue of Women.
Relevant genealogical information:
Timeline of Relevant Events
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