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Timeline of Delphi
Chronological Timeline: (following Hoyle)
Dates Events
Worship of Gaia at Delphi.
1200-1100 Apollo arrives at Delphi.
750-700 Delphi's fame spreads thoroughout Greece as well as beyond her borders.
700-600 During the colonization age, Delphi becomes the supreme authority on where and when it was favorable to found a colony.
595 First Sacred War
590-550 Period of intense construction. The stadium and twelve treasuries are built.
548 Temple to Apollo burns down.
448 Second Sacred War.
356 The Third Sacred War interrupts Delphi's reconstruction following an earthquake.
191 Romans conquer Greece. Delphi repeatedly sacked.
48AD-122 "Renaissance" of Delphi under Hadrian and other favorable Roman Emporers.
398 Proscription of paganism. Delphi is destroyed.
1676 Delphi rediscovered.
1892 Modern archaeological excavations begin.
Mythological Timeline:
Order Events
1 Gaia inhabits Delphi and assumes control of the Oracle.
2 Themis, Gaia's daughter, succeeds her.
3 Phiobe, a Titan and also a daughter of Gaia, becomes the Oracle's third occupant.
4 Apollo founds his first temple at Delphi, and receives the name "Phoibos" as a gift from Phiobe.
5 Apollo slays the Python, as in the Homeric Hymn to Apollo. Other versions of the story depict the Python as Gaia's offspring and guardian of her Oracle.
6 In order to cleanse himself, Apollo spends eight years in the service of Admetos, the King of Pherai.
7 Apollo returns to Delphi, the sole master of the Oracle.
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