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Form: Gr. Keyx.
The son of Heosphoros or the Morning-Star, and the nymph Philonis; the husband of Alkyone or Halkyone, daughter of the Thessalian Aeolus. The pair were arrogant enough to style themselves Zeus and Hera, and were accordingly changed respectively by Zeus into the birds of the same name, a diver and a kingfisher. Another story confused Ceyx with the king of Trachis, and dwelt on the tender love of the pair for each other. Ceyx is drowned at sea, and Alcyone finds his body cast up upon his native shore. The gods take pity on her grief, and change the husband and wife into kingfishers (alcyones), whose affection for each other in the pairing season was proverbial. Zeus, or, according to another story, the wind-god Aeolus (sometimes represented as the father of Alcyone), bids the winds rest for seven days before and after the shortest day, to allow the kingfishers to sit on their eggs by the sea. Hence the expression "halcyon days," applied to this season. Daeedalion, the brother of Ceyx, was turned into a hawk, when he threw himself from a rock on Parnassus in grief at the death of his daughter Chione.
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