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Dictionary Search
Type: Standard
Try another online dictionary, the Beazley Archive from Oxford
Using the Dictionary Search
Standard Search:
  • The Standard search allows you to enter one or more terms to search for entries.
SoundEx Search:
  • The SoundEx search uses a simple implementation of the SoundEx algorithm to find strings phonetically similar to your entry. You cannot use Boolean keywords or wildcards.
  • SoundEx is best used when you don't know the exact spelling an of entry, or have an alternate spelling. (For example, a search for "Akhilleus" will return "Achilles.")
  • The number of entries to display.
  • A smaller result set will generally result in faster querying.
  • This option determines whether the Dictionary will lookup pictures and movies relating the an entry.
  • Media searches take very little time, so you may as well leave it on (unless you have something against pictures and movies).
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