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Stanford's Forty Day Chronology
(After WB. Stanford's commentary, London 1959, xx-xii)
Day Major Events Book
1 1st assembly of gods. Disguised an old family friend, Mentor, Athena visits Telemachus. 1
2 Assembly on Ithaca. With help from Athena, Telemachus gathers a crew and sets sail for Pylos. 2
3 Telemachus arrives in Pylos. Nestor advises him to see Menelaus in Sparta. 3
4 Telemachus departs Pylos for Sparta. 3
5 Telemachus arrives in Sparta. Menelaus has a wedding scheduled and cannot meet Telemachus until the next day. 3-4
6 Menelaus tells Telemachus that Odysseus is alive and being held prisoner by Calypso. The suitors plot to murder Telemachus. 4
7 In a second council of the gods, Athena asks Zeus to free Odysseus. Zeus sends Hermes to inform Calypso, who reluctantly agrees. 5
8-11 With Calypso's help, Odysseus gathers supplies and builds a small raft for his journey to Ithaca. 5
12-28 Odysseus sails toward Ithaca. 5
29 Poseidon returns from Ethiopia. Upon seeing Odysseus, he creates a sea-storm that destroys Odysseus' raft. 5
30-31 Clinging to the wreckage of his raft, Odysseus washes up on the island of Scheria. 5
32 Odysseus confronts Princess Nausicaa at the river. Nausicaa tells Odysseus how to introduce himself to her parents. King Alcinous and Queen Arete hospitably receive Odysseus. 6-7
33 King Alcinous decides to send Odysseus home via ship. Odysseus then narrates his adventures from the past ten years. 8-13
34 The Phaeacians drop Odysseus off at Ithaca. Athena reveals herself to Odysseus, whom she then disguises as a beggar. 13
35-36 Odysseus stays with the swineherd Eumaios. Meanwhile, Telemachus sails to Pylos, then home to Ithaca. 13-15
37 Telemachus joins Eumaios and Odysseus Athena unveils Odysseus, and Telemachus recognizes him immediately. They devise a plan to eliminate Penelope's suitors. 16
38 Disguised again as a beggar, Odysseus journeys into the town to reconnoiter the situation. Odysseus mingles with the suitors, and later talks with Penelope. 17-19
39 Penelope decides to hold the bow competition. Odysseus, still in beggar's guise, wins the competition. Odysseus at once reveals his identity and, with Athena's help, proceeds to kill the suitors. Odysseus later convinces Penelope of his identity. 20-23
40 Odysseus visits Laertes, his father. The suitors' family seek revenge, and Athena intervenes one final time to stop the violence. 23-24
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