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King Midas' Beer A University of Penn research scientist has rediscovered King Midas' beer recipe. According to NBC's Today Show, he's collaborating with a microbrewery in Delaware to reproduce it. Mmmm... beer.
Case Closed: Claudius Killed by Mushrooms Scientific American does some forensic work on a Roman Emperor.
DNA Shows Malaria Helped Topple Rome
New York Times, February 20, 2001, By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD An analysis of the bones of a child buried in a Roman cemetery more than 1,500 years ago has yielded what British and American researchers say is the earliest genetic evidence of malaria infection to be identified so far.
General Myth Sites
Encyclopedia Mythica A good source for mythologies from many cultures.
The Greek Mythology Link A treasure trove of info.
Greek Mythology A companion site to a famous textbook -- highly recommended.
The Apotheosis of George Washington
Try another online dictionary, the Beazley Archive from Oxford
The main Beazley Archive site from Oxford -- all kinds of good classics materials
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