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Welcome to the
Mythology Online Textbook!
Where we are now is the ONLINE TEXTBOOK. You'll notice that it's organized into a few clusters of units, one unit for each week of the course.
(Canvas is where you'll go for keeping track of weekly assignments -- viewing recorded lectures, taking worksheets, posting writing, etc. -- and pretty much doing everything else for the course.) 
Using the online textbook
The textbook is divided into several large content areas, under the tabs, each of which contains one or more units. Each textbook unit will prepare you for the unit's lectures and readings. It's meant to be the first thing you do for that unit. (It will also teach you what you need to complete the unit's Canvas worksheet -- see below). On some of the tabbed sections, you'll also see general help pages too, knowledge of which will be useful for you but is not directly evaluated in the worksheets. Expect to spend an hour or two digesting and studying the online unit before you do the worksheet. Some weeks will be a little longer than this and some a little less time, but if you allow for that much time, you won't be caught offguard.
The main point of the units in the textbook is to provide you with the necessary background information you need to make lectures and reading assignments comprehensible.
WORKSHEETS on Canvas quiz you on the online textbook
Most weeks, you will have a worksheet to fill out on Canvas. You'll do your work in units for the course. It's expected that the first thing you'll do for each unit is the online textbook reading, and that you'll complete the worksheet to check that you've got what's in that unit. (Worksheets are mainly self-diagnostic so you know you've got what you need.) You'll then read the myths from our ancient authors (i.e., the good stuff), attend lectures, and do work in recitations. You can submit your worksheet any time you like, but to receive any credit for it, you MUST submit it to Canvas before class time on Monday at 11am. 
The worksheet will test how well you have digested the material from the ONLINE TEXTBOOK unit associated with each unit of the course. It will not cover your readings from the ancient authors or materials from lectures.
There are 14 units in the course. Unit 1 (intro) and Unit 14 (movies and TV) have no worksheets, making 12 possible worksheets for the course. We'll take your best 10 scores.
You may repeat the worksheet as many times as you like. You should be able to get 10/10 on every worksheet. Canvas won't tell you which ones you got wrong, just a raw score. If it's not 10/10 go back and check everything and then just keep taking it until you get them all right. Getting a 10/10 on the worksheet is a good indicator that you've got what you need from the Online Textbook for that unit.
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