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Outline of Ovid's Metamorphoses
courtesy of Joe Farrell, Classical Studies, Penn
Sections we will be reading in class are indicated in bold.
Book 1 Proemium 1-4
   The First Creation
      Cosmogony 5-88
      Myth of Ages 89-150
      Gigantomachy 151-162

   The Second Creation
      Council of the Gods 163-261
         Story of Lycaon (told by Jupiter) 211-243
      Flood 262-312
      Deucalion and Pyrrha 313-415

   The Third Creation
      Pytho 416-451

   The Loves of the Gods
      Apollo and Daphne 452-567
      Io 568-750
      Phaethon (beginning) 751-779
Book 2
   Phaethon (continuation) 1-400
   Callisto 401-530
   Apollo and Coronis (The Raven and the Crow) 531-675
      and Battus 676-707
      and Aglauros 708-832
   Europa 833-875
Book 3
   Theban Cycle
      Arrival of Cadmus 1-137
      Actaeon 138-252
      Semele (birth of Bacchus) 253-315
      Tiresias 316-338
      Narcissus and Echo 339-510
      Pentheus and Bacchus 511-733
Book 4
   Daughters of Minyas
      First daughter (unnamed):
         Pyramus and Thisbe 55-166
      Second daughter (Leucippe)
         Mars and Venus 167-189
         Sol and Leucothoe 190-256
         Sol and Clytie 256-270
      Third daughter (Alcithoe)
         Salmacis and Hermaphroditus 271-388
      Metamorphosis of the Daughters of Minyas 389-415
   Athamas and Ino 416-562
   Metamorphosis of Cadmus 563-603

   Perseus Cycle
      Perseus' birth 604-611
      Perseus and Medusa 612-620
      Perseus and Atlas 621-662
      Perseus and Andromeda 663-771
      Perseus and Medusa 772-803
Book 5
   Perseus and Cepheus 1-249
      Hippocrene 250-294
      Pierides v. Muses 295-678
         Pierides: Typhoeus 317-340
         One of the Muses: Ceres and Persephone 341-678
            abduction of Proserpina 341-408
            Cyane 409-437
            Stellio 438-461
            Arethusa (a) 462-508
            Ceres and Jupiter 509-532
            Ascalaphus 533-551
            Sirens 551-563
            Division of the year 564-571
            Arethusa (b) 572-641
            Triptolemus 642-661
         Judgment of the nymphs of Helicon 662-678
Book 6
      Minerva v. Arachne
      v. Niobe
      Lycian Peasants
      Apollo v. Marsyas
Athenian Cycle
   Tereus, Procne, and Philomela
   Erechtheus, Boreas, and Orithyia
Book 7
   Jason and Medea
   Theseus (7.404-9.97)
      in Crete
            on Aegina
               Plague of Aegina
               Cephalus and Procris
Book 8
               at Megara
               the Labyrinth
               Daedalus and Icarus
         in Aetolia
               Philemon and Baucis
Book 9
               Hercules Cycle
               Iolaus and the Sons of Callirhoe
               Iphis and Ianthe
Book 10
Orpheus Cycle
      Orpheus and Eurydice
      Descent to the Underworld
         Venus and Adonis
            Atalanta and Hippomenes
Book 11
      Death of Orpheus
   Trojan Cycle
      Foundation of Troy
      Peleus and Thetis
      Cattle of Peleus
      Ceyx and Alcyone
Book 12
      Trojan War
      Achilles and Cycnus
      Lapiths and Centaurs
      Nestor and Hercules
      Death of Achilles
Book 13
      Ajax and Ulysses
      Sack of Troy
      Hecuba, Polyxena, and Polydorus
   Little "Aeneid"
      Acis, Galatea, and Polyphemus
      Scylla and Glaucus
Book 14
      Scylla and Glaucus
      Picus and Canens

      Apotheosis of Aeneas
      Pomona and Vertumnus
Book 15
      Julius Caesar
Timeline of Relevant Events
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